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Sell PP non woven geotextile fabric

Tempo di pubblicazione2017-02-10
Tempo scaduto2019-02-10

Company: Huatao Group Limited Website: Description Made from high strength PP (polypropylene) short fiber by nonwoven needle punched manufacturing process . The mechanical values are 2 -3 times more than ordinary products . Specification 1. Weight Type: 80GSM - 1500GSM 2. Width: Max 6 Meters, Length as request 3.Color: White, Black, Gray, Green, Brown, and so on. 4.Package: Paper core, Waterproof membrane and plastic bag. 5.Loading details: 20ft container, 40ft High container. Property 1.Good acid and alkali resistance, excellent hot melting adhesiveness, high anti-abrasion performance 2. Separation, filtration, drainage, reinforcement, protection, and maintenance function Application Non woven geotextiles have a wide range of applications in civil environmental engineering and construction projects. It widely used in railway,road,landfill,gymnasium,dike,marine works, tunnel, tide flat,r eclamation and environment protection projects. They use include: 1. Filtration of soils in drainage applications by retaining soil particles while allowing for the free flow of water 2.Separation and stabilization in road and railway construction 3.Prevention of soil movement in erosion control measures 4.Cushioning and protection in many containment projects

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